Igor Denisov sent to Zenit`s youth squad
Igor Denisov, Zenit`s 28 year-old center halfback, has been indefinitely transferred to the youth team by decision of the club`s management. This measure is related to the fact that Denisov made an ultimatum to the club and refused to take the pitch against Krylya Sovetov, demanding that his personal contract be reviewed.

Denisov first made his contractual demands, which the club considers to be unfounded, in May, 2012. Denisov`s contract is valid until 2015, and his salary is one of the highest not only in FC Zenit, but in the whole Russian Premier League.

Denisov`s salary is fair for Igor’s high skill level as a player, and is equal to the income of players of a similar level in European clubs. The club offered Denisov to prolong his contract for an additional 2 years under the same conditions as in his current contract, but this offer was not accepted by Denisov.

FC Zenit believes that by breaking his agreement with the club, Denisov is behaving unprofessionally, thereby discrediting himself as a player of FC Zenit and the Russian national team, and causing serious harm to his reputation.