FC Zenit official statement
Due to varying interpretations of Zenit`s latest statements about the situation concerning Saturday`s match vs. Dynamo, Zenit considers it necessary to explain its position and prevent further misinterpretation.

First of all, we think it`s necessary to point out that it`s never top priority for FC Zenit in any situation that arises in Russian football to settle scores with our opponents, to take part in mudslinging wars, or to want someone else`s blood. We always emphasize that only a joint effort between the managers of Russian football and all clubs can eliminate the gaps in the regulatory framework of Russian football, and eliminate the obstacles to the development of the sport in Russia.

In the current situation we have a slightly different turn of events, when the negligence of one club — the match organizers, FC Dynamo — becomes a problem for the other team.

We have to take the following facts into account when analyzing what happened.

Sales of tickets to all sectors at Khimki Arena were done by FC Dynamo. Zenit didn`t send a request to the match organizers to sell tickets to its fans for those sectors from where the firecrackers were thrown. Dynamo took full responsibility for selling tickets to the “visitors” sector. The Moscow club did not care at all about the principles of how to sell these tickets, and any person from the street, who waited through the line, was able to buy them. It`s logical that all of the responsibility for what happened at this sector should be taken by FC Dynamo. Why, in this case, is the management of the Moscow club demanding a technical forfeit against Zenit in this case?

Another important point is the fan inspection activities before the match. Of course, no guest team has the ability to control or moreover to interfere with the inspection of fans who pass into the stands. All facilities and equipment required for fan inspections are completely controlled by the management of the home team. Consequently, the responsibility lies with FC Dynamo on this point as well.

For us it`s all the more surprising that after all of the above, without any evidence, Dynamo`s management, which doesn`t have any evidence, did not even try to understand the cause-and-effect relationships, but rather instantly began to blame Zenit`s fans. Most surprisingly of all, Dynamo instantly started shifting the emphasis away from the problems that constantly occur precisely at Dynamo matches in Khimki Arena, and rather to the necessity of giving Zenit a technical forfeit.

We believe that, under the current regulations, taking into account all the above, the responsibility for what happened lies entirely on the home team, that is Dynamo. At the moment there is no evidence that the violation was committed by Zenit fans. The away team, which under the rules is not responsible for the safety of fans and participants of the match, cannot be sanctioned for it.

In this connection, the question arises, does it makes sense to take part in a league in which a match may be terminated due to the fault of one club, and liability may be imposed on the other – which is not involved in the violation and which cannot prevent it?