Gazprom Training Centre

Тренировочный центр

Zenit’s training ground is located 20 minutes by car from downtown St. Petersburg in beautiful Udelny Park. Founded in 1832, Udelny Park is in the list of St. Petersburg cultural heritage as an example of landscape architecture. Zenit’s training ground was built in Udelny Park in 1963, and ownership of the training ground was transferred to the club in 1994. The ground was almost completely reconstructed in 2002.

The training ground contains two training pitches with underground heating, a medical center, a residential complex, and a kitchen and canteen.

Zenit’s first team holds up to 200 training sessions a year at the training ground in Udelny Park.

The Blue-White-Sky Blues regularly hold training sessions open to the press at the training ground.

Contact information: Address:
197341, St. Petersburg, Ul. Akkuratova, 7B Telephone: +7 (812) 301-75-45