Club initiatives


Zenit Fan is a movement created specially for Zenit’s young fans who want to show their love for their team. Zenit-Fan is a part of the Zenit fan world, of which young supporters are a part. Do you want to know how to make banners, how to sing Zenit songs, and cheer for your team so that the opponents’ knees shake out of fear? Then you need to join Zenit-Fan!

Zenit-Fans, just like older club supporters, make banners for the matches of their favorite team, know every word by heart to the team anthem and songs, and play football in their free team. Participants of the Zenit-Fan program accompany the Zenit squad onto the pitch at Petrovsky Stadium in t-shirts with a lion on the front. Any young Zenit fan can offer his or her candidature and feel like a footballer!

The first Zenit-Fan groups were started in children’s camps in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region.

The most active participants of the Zenit-Fan mini fan clubs are invited to Petrovsky Stadium, where they cheer for the blue-white-light blues.

You can be a Zenit-Fan!

The Zenit-Fan movement takes all young fans into its ranks. In order to become a part of the group you simply need to fulfill several simple criteria:

  1. To make (alone or with your friends) your own banner supporting Zenit (the banner can be drawn, or even sewn).
  2. Take a photograph of yourself and anyone else who contributed to making the banner.
  3. Send the photograph to the club by e-mail.

The best banners will be awarded with gifts, including the super prize — balls with the autographs of Zenit players and an invitation to tour Petrovsky Stadium together with famous Zenit fans.

Together as one with Zenit!

Before home matches, Zenit players choose 11 children to accompany the starting 11 blue-white-light blues onto the pitch at Petrovsky Stadium. Any Zenit fan from 6-10 years old can become one of the 11 lucky ones!

What child hasn’t dreamed of accompanying their favorite players and idols onto the field? To wish them luck, and to be with them before a real football match... Many parents have dreamed of seeing their sons and daughters on the television screen — now it’s all up to you!

Any Zenit fan from 6-10 years old can become one of the 11 lucky ones. To do so one must send an application for participation to the e-mail address Please include a photograph of your child in a Zenit jersey, and your child’s physical appearance: height (no higher than 115 cm), hair color, and eye color, as well as a short description of why he or she likes Zenit. Don’t forget to include the mobile phone number of one of the parents!

The winning children can meet the Zenit players in person before the match and go onto the pitch at Petrovsky Stadium together with the team. Furthermore, each child is given the uniform that he or she wears onto the field, as well as Zenit souvenirs and three tickets to the match — for him or herself and two parents.