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MegaFon — is one of the leading Russian telecommunications providers. The company as well as its affiliated enterprises have all of the necessary licensures that facilitate their ability to operate in all regions of Russia, as well as in Abkhazia, South Ossetia and Tajikistan.

MegaFon operates in all segments of the Russian telecommunications market and is one of the most renowned leaders in the domestic market for mobile data. The company was among the first operators in Russia to make use of the 3G and LTE networks that make for a much faster mobile internet speed. MegaFon is the only operator in the country to have launched a commercial network standard by making use of LTE-Advanced technology in Moscow and in St. Petersburg.

The social activities of MegaFon have a widespread national character: Over the course of many years the company has actively taken part in various sporting, social and philanthropic projects both at the regional and the federal level. In 2013 MegaFon supported the campaign "Philanthropic Politics" whose goal was to create the most efficient, simple and transparent mechanism for the company to help those who are truly in need.

In 2009 MegaFon became a General Partner of the 2014 XXII Winter Olympics and the XI Paralympics in Sochi. MegaFon built a strong and capable mobile infrastructure on the grounds of the Olympics that allowed for guests and athletes of the Olympics to enjoy quality network services that included fourth generation internet services.


1995. The first text message was sent using a MegaFon network. MegaFon was the first carrier to offer Roaming in St. Petersburg.

1999. MegaFon customers in St. Petersburg were the first in the country to make use of mobile internet WAP technology. In that same year MegaFon became the first operator in the St. Petersburg Metropolitan area.

2002. MegaFon was the first carrier in St. Petersburg to offer free incoming phone calls.

2004. Thanks to MegaFon, St. Petersburg residents became the first in Russia to enjoy "Mobile TV".

2007. MegaFon was the first in Russia to launch a 3G network that featured videophone calls for the first time.

2010. MegaFon’s customers were the first in the country to be able to pay for services from their mobile telephone through the help of NFC technology.

2011. MegaFon’s customers were the first to enjoy service in tunnels of the metropolitan.

2012. St. Petersburg became one of the first cities in Russia to launch the LTE network that features data speeds of 150 megabytes a second. In the last two years access to these speeds have expanded to cover all of the North-West region.

2014. The city on the Neva became one of the first in the country to feature access to the LTE-Advanced network with speeds up to 300 megabytes a second.

More detailed information about the company is available on their official site.