About sponsor

SIBUR is a unique vertically integrated gas processing and petrochemical company.

SIBUR owns and operates the largest gas processing business in Russia, processing associated petroleum gas and is a leader in the petrochemical industry in Russia.

SIBUR operates 26 production sites located in many different regions of Russia and the group employees more than 25 000 people. The Company sells its products to more than 1,400 large customers in the energy, automotive, construction, consumer goods production and chemical sectors as well as other industries in 75 countries.

SIBUR supports a variety of professional sports groups and projects that promote a healthy lifestyle. In 2013 with the financial support of SIBUR the Sibur Arena, basketball complex was built in St. Petersburg and the company sponsored a charity All Star basketball game. In 2014 SIBUR joined the NBA program aimed at promoting basketball in Russia. The company is a partner of the Association of student basketball, as well as the VTB United League.

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