Frequently asked questions for our international fans

Where can I buy tickets to Zenit’s home matches?

You can buy tickets online here tickets.fc-zenit.ru or in person at the club ticket office at Arena Hall business centre, 16 Pr. Dobrolyubova, alongside the Yubileinny Ice Hockey Stadium. On matchdays you can buy tickets at the stadium from 10.00am.

If you have specific ticketing questions please email online-ticket@fc-zenit.ru

Can I buy tickets to Zenit’s away UCL matches?

We can only sell away tickets for UCL matches within Russia and can’t deliver them abroad. You can contact the home team for tickets to Zenit's UEFA Champions League matches.

Where do the away fans sit at the Petrovsky?

Section 6 is reserved for away fans, the stadium plan is here: en.fc-zenit.ru/club/petrovsky/sectors/

What’s the nearest underground railway station to the Petrovsky stadium?

Sportivniya is immediately next to the stadium and is on line 5 (purple). It is only 1 station from Admiraltisikya on Nevsky Prospect in the city centre.

How do I get to the Petrovsky? (Map)

The Petrovsky stadium is situation on Petrogradsky Island at the end of Bolshoi Prospect. A large number of buses go to the stadium from Petrogradka or Vasilovsky Ostrov metro stations, all of which are marked Спорти́вная (Sportivniya) the name of the metro station next to the stadium. There is no dedicated car park for the stadium so public transport is best. Here’s a map: http://en.petrovsky.spb.ru/pages/map.php

Does Zenit have a club museum?

Zenit doesn’t currently have a club museum but one is being built at the new stadium. We do however have a virtual museum that you can visit here: http://museum.fc-zenit.ru/

When will the new stadium be ready?

The new Zenit Arena is due to be ready in 2016, you can find information about the building of the new stadium here: en.fc-zenit.ru/club/new/

Are there guided tours of the stadium for fans?

Yes Zenit run tours of the historic Petrovsky, see here to get more details: tickets.fc-zenit.ru/en/football/services/excursions/

Can I watch the team training?

Unfortunately it’s not possible to attend team training.

Can I buy items from the Zenit internet store outside of Russia?

Yes the Zenit store use DHL to deliver worldwide, more information can be found here: en.shop.fc-zenit.ru

Can I have an autograph from a specific player?

Due to the large number of requests the club receive on a daily basis it’s not possible to arrange for autographs or for items to be signed.

Can I contact an individual player?

The players don’t have their own email accounts but some do have personal twitter accounts which you can use to message them. You can write to the club and players but we can’t guarantee replies. Address: FC Zenit Press Centre, 197198, St. Petersburg, Russia, 16/2-А, Dobrolyubova Pr.

How can I get press accreditation?

If you meet the necessary requirements you can request press accreditation through the Zenit media office here: en.fc-zenit.ru/club/presscenter/

How can I contact the club with a specific question?

You can contact the club directly through our twitter service here: twitter.com/fczenit_en/