Back to school the “Smena” way

The “First of September” football celebration will take place tomorrow in the “Smena” sports complex on Ultisa Vernosti in St. Petersburg. The branches of the FC Zenit Academy will be officially opened at the event.

Zenit has opened 5 branches since March of 2010: Zenit-Moskovsky in the Moskovsky District, Zenit-Inkon in the Kolpinsky District, Zenit-Nevsky Front in the Frunzensky District, Zenit-Lesgafta in the Admiralteisky District, and Zenit-Fakel in the Vasily Island District. On September 10th on Ulitsa Vernosti, 21 children will be given Zenit football uniforms, and will get to meet the coaching staff and scouting service of the Academy. The heads of the five branches will receive documents confirming their branches’ official status. The academic “First of September” celebration will include both traditional events and a football tournament at “Smena” school between the branches, in which 24 teams from four age groups, ranging from 6 to 11 years of age, will take part. The “First of September the “Smena” Way celebration kicks off on September 10th at 14 :00.