Andrey Vasilyev: We answered their roughness with goals

Having scored his debut goal for Zenit-Y on a long shot right into the corner, the fullback explained that it’s very rare for him to score.

– I have good impressions, – Vasilyev smiles. – Victory is what counts most. We’re keeping up with the leaders, we’re fighting for first place. Terek played really rough, while we, playing our own game, finished our chances well.

– What made this match hard?
– The stands. The Terek fans really supported their team as best they could, like always in the Caucuses. And the referees didn’t have their best match, in my opinion.

– What impression did you get of your own play?
– I played as best I could. I played the way we practiced, the way we discussed with the coaches. It seems like more or less everyone is satisfied. The coaches thanked me (smiles).

– Which shots right into the corner did you practice?
– Ya, what a goal… it’s been a long time since I scored! I haven’t hit a shot like that since I was 15 I think. I was just trying to hit it on goal, and didn’t think the ball would fly over the goalie and fall right into the corner.

– How difficult was it to play with Sadaev? You were marking Tereks most active player throughout the match.
– He’s a really strong player. But if all the fullbacks play well together, then it’s easy to play. That’s the way it went today.