Maxim Kanunnikov: I don’t want to take any more penalty kicks

The Zenit forward, who had a goal, an assist, and a missed penalty, commented on the match.

– After a long and difficult flight, and a small break before the match, when we were already preparing for the match at the stadium, I had to overcome myself, – says Kanunnikov. – I had to get over the difficult weather conditions, and understand that the match will be hard. There were several factors working against us, but the whole team dealt with them, and you can see that the result was in our favor.

– There were 5 or 6 debatable offside calls in the first half.
– How should I say… This is Grozny, and the offside flags were going up all the time here last year as well. We understood that practically every one of our attacks would be stopped in this way. We took advantage of those chances when there was no doubt of offsides, and we deserved to win.

– Did you really want two goals? When you walked up to the penalty spot…
– Honestly, I had a hunch that I wouldn't score. I earned the penalty myself, and decided to take it. It didn’t work out… No big deal. I don’t think I want to take any more penalty kicks though.

– What impressions did you get overall from the match?
– I had really positive impressions. We deserved to win, and we solved all our problems as quickly as possible in the first half. We got tired in the second half, and didn’t play at full strength. In some instances we lost the ball, or didn't finish our runs.

– How hard is it to play out the second 45 minutes when you already know that the match has basically been decided?
– Actually you feel really confident. You play freely, with no doubt, and so you’re not afraid of making mistakes: our team is wonderful, and the other players will encourage you at the right moment, and support you.