Vyacheslav Sushkin: We got ready for the match the way a leader should

Playing his first full match after returning from injury, the Zenit-Y halfback explained the secret of the team's frame of mind for the match, and noted that the field and the referees don't mean anything when the score is 4:0.

– We had no thoughts that we would come to Grozny, easily beat an outsider, and then leave, – the author of one of the Zenit-Y goals smiles. – We were really psyched for this match, and we knew that Terek would give us a fight on their home field. We prepared for the match the way a leader should, the way the reigning champion should, and fought to keep our title. We scored a quick goal, I scored a second, and the guys got a third and forth. Blow-out!

– Your words about frame of mind – are those just words, or do they really mean something?
– At our pre-match practice all the guys were full of energy, fighting, trying with everything they had to be included in the starting side. Everybody understands that we can get first place now, so we’re getting ready for every match the way we should.

– The players were very unhappy with the pitch two hours before the match started. What about after the match?
– The field is a lot worse now than it was a year ago. But… we scored four goals on this field, and it seems to me that nobody finds any faults with the field now. And the same thing with the referees. All fields are different, and referees too (smiles).

– By the middle of the half the team looked tired. You too looked tired right away after your goal. Was that fatigue, or did you just understand that you did what you had to do?
– That was connected to the thirty-degree heat. Psychologically we put pressure on the opponent, and wanted to score. We had two great chances that we didn't take advantage of, but then we seemed to get in gear.

– Now the team has two matches with an interval of four days. What’s difficult about those cycles?
– They’re not difficult. We’re used to it. We’re going to be ready to win. And the day off will probably be good for us. I’m feeling better every day after my injury. I hope I can play better and better each match.