Andrey Zaitsev: “We`re going to fight until we`re champions”

Andrey Zaitsev, the Zenit-Y goalkeeper, estimated his team`s chances to win the Russian Youth Championship, and described how his team is getting ready for the match with Saturn-Y.

-When we came home from Grozny, we were given a day off, – said Zaitsev. – After the rest we immediately started our practice. We had a short cycle of three practices. There was nothing too special about the practices – just a typical warm-up for a usual foe.

- The youth team has been showing confident play in its recent matches and good results. What do you think, why is that

- I think that we get those results thanks to our good preparation. The guys had a short-term drop in their play, but now we`re ready to fight for the championship. I think we have a real chance to win.

- Do you remember the 0:3 loss to Saturn in the second half of last year? Do you have a sporting grudge against them?

- I think many goalkeepers, just like me, don`t count the goals they allow. And to keep a grudge for that long, even if it`s just a sporting grudge, is wrong. I was taught right from the beginning not to focus on our losses, and to keep moving forward.

- Due to Yury Zhevnov`s injury you were invited to train with the main squad. How does this help you to grow professionally as a goalkeeper?

- It really helps, of course! There`s a totally different atmosphere in Spalletti`s team. Everything is done at a totally different speed, much faster and stronger. I`m happy that I have the chance to practice with such professional players. I get more confidence with each practice with the main squad.