Nikita Bocharov: “I pay attention to little things”

The halfback tallied the results of his first year in Zenit`s youth team and talked about which matches give him the most confidence.

- Playing for the Zenit Youth team means making the transition to a higher level than the children`s championship, – says Nikita Bocharov. – You can see right away that it`s harder to play here. You have to give all you`ve got, and sometimes you have to spend extra practice time on one little skill to make it work. I think that`s what every footballer should do in order to be successful. I`ve been here for a year now, and of course I feel that I`ve improved and gained experience.

- How did you recover after the match with Terek?

- We had light practices, even, I would say, more emotional than physical. We took a Russian banya two days in a row. I think we`ll be perfectly fine for the next match.

- In your opinion, does Saturn have what it takes to beat Zenit?

- I don`t know Saturn too well. I pay less attention to the game as a whole than I do to certain little thinks, like individual positions on the pitch. I think our team is one of the strongest in the Youth Championship, and we should beat every opponent. Including Saturn.

- You`ll be left off the Zenit-Y squad from September 27th to October 13th because you`ve been called up to play for the Russian national youth team. Can matches for the national side make it harder for you to play confidently for Zenit?

- No. Matches for the national team can`t disturb my play in Zenit! We have to play the qualification round for the European Championship, there will be strong teams there, so playing for the national youth team will be great for me. Especially since we have such a strong qualification group: Sweden, Denmark, and Ukraine. Those countries have strong schools, and such matches give everybody confidence and experience. And if you meant will I be tired, I don`t think I`ll be extremely loaded down physically. Every player will be given enough time, but no more.