Anatoly Davydov: “We talk about the minuses even after we win”

Zenit-Y’s head coach commented on the result of his side’s match with Saturn-Y on the 22nd match day of the Youth Championship.

- After our great, very energetic match in Grozny, we knew to expect a tough match here, – said Anatoly Davydov. – Saturn-Y isn‘t at the bottom of the table. They’re a strong team. We know there team well, and we’ve only ever beaten them once on their pitch – this year. So we were ready for a tough match, and that’s exactly what it was. It’s a different matter that we were better at finishing. As far as the match itself, we can find lots of minuses among our best players and the links between players. But the boys won, they got three points. They tried to show their physicality, their mood, and they did so well.

- It looked like Nikita Bocharov kind of fell out of the flow in the first half. In the second half he played much more sharply, the way he was supposed to.

- Ya, he fell out of the flow at first. I had to tell him some criticism at halftime, and explain several things so that he wouldn’t fall out of the game, and get back into the flow. I told him not to stick to the opponent, to break away, to look for the ball. He looked better in the second half. Maybe he just caught his wind. That happens.

- Zenit-Y’s defense changes every match day, but they still keep a clean sheet. What’s the secret?

- The secret is probably that the opposing team doesn’t take advantage of our mistakes. We made mistakes today too. I would like the players in our defense to play better, to take more responsibility. We’ve gotten better at that in recent games, but we still have some problems. There are still minuses out there, and we talk about them.

- After the team’s match next weekend in Nalchik there’s going to be a break in the calendar. A lot of the guys will go play for the national team. What are your plans for those who stay home?

- We’re still thinking for now. There will be quite a few days off, so we’ll give the guys the chance to relax, to rest from that rhythm of games that we’ve had lately. We’re going to train too though. It‘s possible that we‘ll play some friendlies. The guys are young, so we need to give them some rest. We can’t force them too much.

- We would like to see the players get enough rest for the end of the season…

- Our last break was pretty hard, and the consequences weren’t too good. I hope that won’t happen again (smiles).