Stanislav Matyash: “Five superb matches!”

The Zenit-Y striker, the author of the team`s second goal in their win over Saturn-Y, shared his impressions from the match with Saturn.

- It was a tough match, as I expected, said Stanislav Matyash. – Saturn is always a hard opponent for us. It was like that last year, and again this year. They`ve shown really good football, and they fight on every part of the field. But the important thing is that we showed that we are worthy of victory, and won.

- What was the main difficulty in the match?

- They were perfectly well prepared for the match. They were just five points behind us, now they’re eight behind. That`s a lot for the youth league. Saturn-Y is a very good team. Last year they didn`t lose hardly a single match in the second half of the season.

- But Zenit was still stronger today?

- We had good opportunities to score, and so did they. You can never say in the youth league that one team is better, and another is worse. Every team comes to play against us, against the team from St. Petersburg, against the defending champion, against the leader, with a special will to win. Our coaches tell us that before every match, and we understand that.

- You often score against Saturn. Can we call them your "favorite" team… Why?

- I don`t know. My "favorite" team last year was Khimki, now it`s Saturn. I hope there will be a third favorite too (smiles).

- The team has scored in five matches in a row. Probably you all have a good mood?

- Ya, of course! The mood is good in the team, and all the players have played 5 superb matches in a row. We hope this series of great play will continue. And we`re not going to stop. We`re going to keep scoring, and to keep getting shutouts.