Zenit`s three “L`s” return to their national sides

Lombaerts, Lazović, and Luković have all been called up to their national team sides for EURO 2012 qualifying matches.
Nicolas Lombaerts is going with his Belgian national side to play against Kazakhstan in Astana on October 8th. Belgium will then take on Austria at its home stadium in Brussels on October 12th.

The Serbian players Danko Lazović and Aleksandar Luković will travel to Belgrade where they will play for the national team in a match with Estonia on October 8th. They will then go to Genoa, where they will face Italy.

Furthermore, Yury Zhevnov, Zenit`s backup goalkeeper, was earlier called to play in the Belarus national team. Belarus will play with Luxemburg and Albania in EURO 2012 qualifying at the beginning of October.