Anatoly Davydov: “The game in Nalchik won`t be easy”

The head coach of Zenit`s youth squad told how the team is getting reading for its match in Nalchik, where it will play with the local Spartak team on Saturday.

– We`re training for this match using our regular schedule of one practice per day, – said Anatoly Davydov. – The team is in good form, the players are psyched for a serious match, and they understand that this won`t be an easy game for us. We`ve made some changes in our line-up for the match. We have five players in the team who were born in 1993, three of which are eligible to play in the youth league. We`re going to Nalchik on Friday, and we`ll be there at three or four p.m. So we`ll have our last practice before the match right in Nalchik.

– How are Aslan Dudiev and Basel Abdulfattakh recovering from their injuries?

– They`re recovering slowly. Abdulfattakh is training under an individual program, but we can`t count on him or Dudiev for now. All the other players are perfectly fit and are ready to play.

– Will it make a difference to your players` mood for the match to know that their opponent is only in 12th place in the league?

– No, they all know who Spartak-Nalchik is. They`re a very difficult, disciplined team, and they play well. Just like the first squad. It will be a hard match, and we`re going to have to give it all we`ve got.