“Baltic Fall” youth tournament ends at Petrovsky`s Small Arena

The 2nd international football tournament “Baltic Fall” has ended. Zenit U-9, coached by Dmitry Vasilyev, won the 2001 birthdays category. Zenit U-10, coached by Andrey Pocheptsov, came in second place in the 2000 birthdays group.

FC Zenit (U-9) 2:0 Olympic Reserve School “Zenit” (U-9)

The final match of the 2001 birthdays category was a St. Petersburg derby between FC Zenit and Olympic Reserve School “Zenit“. Our Zenit U-9 side held a clean sheet in the match, just as it had in all previous matches in the tournament. The “Best Goalkeeper” prize was given to the young Academy player Maxim Semyonov. The Zenit U-9 attack also did its part, as Anton Afonin and Sergey Osipov both scored for the team. Osipov was given the “Best Striker” prize, while the MVP prize was given to Yaroslav Markov.

We congratulate Zenit U-9 at winning the Baltic Fall Cup, and we`ll be waiting for new victories!

FC Zenit (U-10) 0:1 Academy of Yury Konoplyov (U-10)

Andrey Pocheptsov`s players lost by the minimum score to the team from the Samara Region. The Baltic Fall cup went to the town of Primorsky, Samara Region, where our opponent`s academy is located.

The tournament organizers gave the Zenit U-10 players the following prizes:

Best Defender – Alexander Ivankov

Best Striker – Grigory Vlasov

Most Valuable Player – Ivan Tarasov.

We congratulate the Zenit U-10 team with their second-place finish, and wish them future success!