Stanko Poklepovic: Zenit is the absolute favorite in the group

The head coach of Hajduk talked to journalists about how his team will fight till the end to enter the “spring” stage, and that the Petersburg side deserved to win tonight.

– (In Russian.) Zenit deserved to win. I can say that the match today was excellent. We made a couple of bad mistakes in defense, and that`s why we lost.

– It looks like the team doesn`t have a strong forward right now, unlike during the Yugoslav period, when you had a lot of them?

– We don`t have any strikers like that because our team is so young. The young players can`t reach such a professional level right now. We`ll see, time will tell.

– How do you rate your team`s chances to get out of the group now? And will you try to win against Zenit at home?

– Zenit is obviously the group favorite. But we have a lot of matches ahead, and we believe that we`ll be able to get enough points to enter the spring stage.

– Did you have the impression that you could have had a better result tonight?

– Before the match, honestly, I didn`t have that impression. But now, after the match, I have the impression that we could have done better.