Sergey Semak: “We have to move on”

Zenit’s halfback shared his views on the quality of football shown Makhachkala, noted the influence that luck had on the result, and answered reporters’ questions about the pitch in Dagestan.

– I would say that the match was really interesting to watch for the fans, – says Sergey Semak. – There were lots of goals scored, and there were a number of chances to score for both teams. The match didn’t start too well for us since we let in a goal, but later we managed to change the flow of the game, to create goal-scoring chances, and got our own goals. We were ahead 3:1… Of course its disappointing that we play the match out for a victory. But we have to give our opponent their dues – Anzhi tried really hard, and fortune was on their side at the end. We lost two points because of that.

– It looked after Zenit scored its third goal that the team started to let up. Did that play a rude joke on you?

– No, there wasn’t much time left, and Anzhi pressed hard for a goal, and after we scored our third goal we had the chance to score a fourth, and a fifth… Unfortunately, we didn’t execute these chances, while the hosts managed to score. They had a free kick, they got a ricochet in the last minute of the match, and we brought home one point instead of three.

– What did you think about the field? It looked like it was really hard to trap the ball after the first thirty minutes had gone by.

– With real grass you get what you get. There’s no point blaming the field, since it was the same for both teams. The field didn’t make it easier to play for us or for them.

– How much harder will it be now to win the title?

– It’s going to be just as hard as it was before. Our competitors got one point too, so the difference between us and them is the same as before. We just have to get ready for the next match. Nothing bad happened. We have to forget about these two lost points and keep going, getting ready for the next match.