Dutch lessons in Donetsk

A group of Zenit Academy coaches returned from Donetsk, where it took part in a seminar for coaches of youth teams.

A group of Zenit Academy coaches together with FC Shakhtar (Donetsk, Ukraine) coaches participated in a series of analytical and practical trainings at FC Shakhtar’s practice facility along with representatives of the Kolomyagi and Lokomotiv youth clubs from St. Petersburg. All of the lessons were taught by licensed specialists of the Royal Netherlands Football Association.

Maxim Mosin (coach of Zenit’s U-8 squad), who was one of the seminar’s participants, shared his impressions from his stay in Ukraine:
“It was very interesting to exchange our opinions on how to work with young footballers with our colleagues from Shakhtar, as well as to add to my arsenal of knowledge based on the experience of the specialists from the Netherlands Football Association. There’s no doubt that trips like this add experience and give incentive to grow further as a coach in the future.”

Andrey Gorlov (head coach of Zenit U-12): “It was important to see with our own eyes what the Shakhtar Academy has done over the last five years after they transferred to a new system. We just started on this path, and I can say that the Donetsk experience has been quite positive. I would especially like to note the work done to prepare the youngest footballers. The network of Academy branches made by Shakhtar, with children from 6–7 years old, has had its fruits: up to 80% of the players in the youth academy come from the Academy's branches.

Friendly matches were held between Shakhtar and Zenit players.
Teams from two age categories took part. The results shown by the Zenit players, who finished their season four months ago, against the Shakhtar players, who are still actively playing, were not so great – four losses in four matches.

November 15, 2010. Donetsk. Kirsha Stadium
Shakhtar (U-15) – Zenit (U-15) 5:1
Goal: Dorzhi Emchenov

November 16, 2010. Donestsk. Kirsha Stadium
Shakhtar (U-15) – Zenit (U-15) 1:0

November 18, 2010. Donetsk. Kirsha Stadium
Shakhtar (U-14) – Zenit (U-14) 4:0

November 19, 2010. Donetsk. Kirsha Stadium
Shakhtar (U-14) – Zenit (U-14) 3:0