Stanislav Murikhin: “We wanted to score as much as possible”

Zenit-Y`s forward, who scored against Krylya Sovetov-Y, explained how today`s match went for him.

– When I came on to the field today I immediately felt that it`s going to be hard to play on the slippery field, – said Stanislav Murikhin. – I was a little bit shocked for the first five minutes from the way the field felt, and by how cold it was. It was hard to come into the game in such cold weather, to go from a warm coat into the hot match (smiles). Gradually I warmed up, and everything was fine.

– Did you already know at halftime that Amkar-Y had won, and that Rubin-Y had a tie?< br />– Ya, we played for fun. Our coaches told us that we have to play for our fans, and show everything we can, and that we have to try and score more goals.

– How do you rate this season for you?< br />– I can`t say that this season was really good for me. Unfortunately, I ended the season with poor result. As a forward, I should have scored more goals. I would give myself a 3+ out of 5. I hope next season will be better.

– Did Zenit-Y deserve to beat Krylya Sovetov-Y today?< br />– Ya, we deserved to win, although our goalies had to work hard in a couple of situations.