The Academy Branches Championship is in the homestretch

The first results of FC Zenit's 1st Academy Branches Championship have been tallied.

This past weekend the final matches of the Academy Branches Championship in the 2002 and 2001 age group categories were held.
The young footballers from the Kolomyagi branch won in both age groups.

The final tournament standings:

2002 birthdays-
1. Kolomyagi, 2. Zenit-Lesgafta, 3. Zenit-Inkon, 4. Zenit (2003), 5. Lokomotiv, 6. Zenit-Moskovsky, 7. Zenit-Fakel

2001 birthdays-
1. Kolomyagi, 2. Zenit-Inkon, 3. Lokomotiv, 4. Zenit-Fakel, 5. Zenit (2002), 6. Zenit-Lesgafta, 7. Zenit-Moskovsky

Footballers with 1999 and 2000 birthdays will play their final matches in the Academy Branches Championship on December 11.

But the Saturday matches in the Smena gym won’t end there.
The FC Zenit Academy Christmas Cup will be held on December 18 in all four age groups among teams from Zenit's Academy branches.