Anatoly Davydov: “We fought to the end”

Zenit-Y`s head coach said at the press conference after the semi-final of the CIS Champions Cup that his team didn`t quit playing right to the final whistle.

– Inter beat us thanks to its greater football skills, – said Anatoly Davydov. – We played as best we could. We were obviously expecting a tough match, but we didn`t want to lose by such a score. But we gave our opponents too much space at the beginning of the match, and we were down 0:3 already in the 15th minute. Our play was influenced by our fatigue: we played five matches in seven days, and that`s not easy to do. Our players didn`t have enough emotional strength, passion.

– What position could Inter have in the Russian Premier League?
– That`s hard to say. We don`t have so much information about Azerbaijan football. In my day Neftchi was a distinctive club, and it was very hard to play against them. As for Inter, they`re the champion of Azerbaijan. They have to continue to prove their championship status, continually improving on the pitch. I wish them luck and to keep their title.

– Are you satisfied with the results of your team`s play in this tournament?
– Ya, the most important thing is that our players didn`t get scared, that they played fearlessly even against more experienced players. Today they were just scared by the score at the 15th minute. They`re not used to being behind so much. It`s very tough psychologically to play in those conditions. At halftime I asked my players to show their teeth and fight to the end. I saw that in the second half.

– Can you recommend any of your players to Luciano Spalletti after the tournament?
– We have to analyze everything over again. Our coach is paying specific attention to Roland Gigolaev and Stanislav Matyash. I saw both minuses and plusses in my players at the CIS Champions Cup. And there were a lot of plusses. For example there`s less commotion on the field, more grown-up, adult football.

– Are all the players who played in the CIS Champions Cup going to Zenit Y`s pre-season practice?
– All of the young players are going with us, while some of the older players, for example, Igor Cheminava, should try themselves at a higher level.