Anatoly Davydov: “The main thing for us is the field”

The head coach of Zenit`s youth team spoke about how the blue-white-sky blues are getting reading for the upcoming season.

– We arrived in Antalya on Thursday, checked into the hotel, and held our first day of work, – says Anatoly Davydov. – We held a physical conditioning practice on all muscle groups on Friday morning, then held a playing practice on Friday evening. We plan to practice twice a day from now on. We`ll have one match on the thirtieth, and two games on the second and fifth of February.

– What`s the weather like in Antalya?

– There was sun yesterday, but it was cloudy and rainy on two other days. Overall we`re satisfied with the practice conditions. That said, we were here at the same time last year, and the field was in better shape. I`m not sure why, but the fields are worse this year. As for the hotel, were less worried about that. The food is fine, and the conditions are suitable. The important thing for us is the field, and it`s conditions, since this is our first pre-season practice and we came to train and to play.