Zenit fan party - Tokyo style!

On Tuesday 25 January, Zenit's Japanese fans met in Tokyo to celebrate and discuss their favourite football team. 
Zenit party - Tokyo style!
The Zenit Japan fan meet-up was held yesterday for the first time in Tokyo. The Zenit fans were brought together by Zenit's Japanese editor Yoshiki Kato and the supporters from the land of the rising sun drank blue-white-sky blues-themed drinks, discussed the team and watched a recording of  Zenit v Spartak Moscow from October 2016 (4-2 to Zenit!).

Yoshiki told us "There was a lot of excitement, some of the guys participating started to like Zenit due to the club's style of football, others because they studied Russian in St.Petersburg".

At the end of the night, the guys sang Zenit songs and drank a toast to Zenit all the way from Japan!

If you are a Zenit fan in Japan and would like to get involved in future fan meets follow our official Japanese fan page and Zenit Japan on Twitter.