"Davai Davai!" Radimov is next to take on the charity challenge

Zenit and Rusfond are delighted to announce our next, joint, amazing charity project (use google translate to see the story.) Vladislav Radimov, Zenit-2 manager has agreed to have a go at a very unusual job, if together we can raise 781,000 rubles ($13,500) for the medical treatment of young Ivan Ganichev

«Давай-давай!»: Владислав Радимов принимает вызов проекта, чтобы помочь Ивану Ганичеву
Ivan is being supported by Rusfond in his battle with leukemia. A month ago, he had surgery for a bone marrow transplant at the Research Institute of Pediatric Oncology, Hematology and Transplantation. A donor could not be found to match Ivan 100% so his father was the donor, but he was only a "half compatible donor," so the threat of infections and complications in the postoperative period is higher than usual. 

For the rehabilitation period, Ivan requires expensive drugs that are not included in the list of drugs provided free of charge by the health service. 

We need you to donate to Rusfond for Ivan Ganichev and together, if we raise the necessary funds, the legendary Russian player and head coach of Zenit-2 will do something none of us expect!

Make your donation and support "Come on!" here on the Rusfund website, you can donate via paypal, credit card or bank transfer, so come on and join in now!