Artem Dzyuba: "The ref was their "hero" today"

The Russian international spoke about the defeat in Perm. 
Артем Дзюба: «Герой матча — судья»
Their "hero" of the match was the referee today, he showed all his skills. Now they are saying it wasn't a goal and was a messy situation, I think this is a mess. In the seventh minute we scored a goal, the ball crossed the line completely. If it had been counted, it would have been a completely different game. Amkar wouldn't have been able to to play with ten defenders and everything then becomes very different. Instead, we conceded. No one has mentioned the fact that three or four times we didn't get corners, they were confused by who put the ball out. There was a penalty when I was pushed, there is no shadow of a doubt about that, this is chaotic. 

When we see what happened with Spartak, in the 0-4 in Samara, this makes you angry, then, we don't our goals don't count. In Perm and whenever we travel it is always difficult. But everyone is silent about it, everyone is happy. The refereeing situation is chaos. 

What happened when their keeper gave you the ball from a free kick and you scored, but it was disallowed? 

I saw that the keeper fixed ball down, and passed it. I intercepted the pass and scored. According to the rules, which we were all told before the start of the season, if a player passes it after fixing the ball down, then the game is already underway. I intercepted it and scored. The ref then said that the game should only re-start on his whistle. It was in the opponent's half of the field. it's an incomprehensible decision. 

I have not seen that since killing the team, especially the "Zenith". This not normal.