Rostelcom and SAP to implement a new system of working with the fans

The club and the two companies have signed a three-year agreement. 
Rostelcom and SAP to implement a new system of working with the fans
Rostelecom will provide a cloud-based solution and will install their own data centre hardware and software system, all specialised for the implementation of the SAP system. For this the company have purchased the appropriate equipment, have carried out preparatory work and tested the IT-Infrastructure in accordance with the terms of reference and SAP recommendations. 

According to the results of the project, Rostelecom will provide technical support and an established IT infrastructure with comprehensive monitoring and administration of the entire infrastructure. There will be a full cycle of maintenance for the operating systems, including technical support for hardware and system software and also provide online support. 

"Zenit's cooperation with Rostelecom began in 2015 and it has provided a positive trend in the development of the football club" said Zenit's commercial director Dmitry Mankin. "Zenit always strive to meet all the challenges of the modern sports industry, while constantly increasing standards to host home matches, data processing, internal communication, information security and more. Our partner, Rostelecom, offer solutions that create all the necessary conditions for a stable and effective development of our brand." 

"The portfolio of Rostelecom includes services for corporate customers and in recent years this has been transformed and expanded, now our company not only provides traditional services, such as rental of phone lines, we have a range of advanced cloud services." says Rostelecom vice-president,  Valery Ermakov. "In this project we are looking for a partnership with SAP, which introduces Zenit to systems that work effectively with the fans. It will keep a tab on relationships with all target audiences of the club and the fans will be able to receive individual offers, discounts on the purchase of tickets and much more. This is a unique IT-project for the sports industry of our country." 

"SAP technologies allow sports clubs not only to effectively interact with the fans, but also to predict the sale of tickets for the matches, to plan individual training plans, to develop effective tactics for the game and so on." said Deputy Director General of SAP in the CIS, Ilya Yuriev. "The national football team of Germany managed to reduce the average time spent on the ball per player by 3.4 seconds to 1.1 seconds at the World Championship in Brazil with SAP solutions." 

Zenit have been cooperating with Rostelecom since 2015 and with SAP since 2016.