Anatoliy Tymoschuk: "I'll make every effort to please the fans"

The first interview with the former-Zenit player who's now on Mircea Lucescu's coaching staff.
Анатолий Тимощук: «Приложу максимум усилий, чтобы команда радовала болельщиков»
Today we held the first training session and I got to experiencing the excitement. I am glad that the team did a great job and we're in high spirits. Everyone knows what situation we are in, we need to be a team, so we must work to be in optimum condition for the match. 

There are rumors that it's taken a very long time for you to reach agreement to join the coaching staff. What's the reason for that? 

What happened, has happened. There were a lot of nuances, issues, but I'm glad that they were resolved, and now I can fully devote myself to work and to helping the team, not as a player, but as a coach. I hope everything will turn out fine. I will make every effort to please the fans and help the team win.