Ibrahim Tsallagov: "I still have work to do"

The recent signing spoke about making his debut at the Petrovsky.
Ибрагим Цаллагов: «Мне еще есть над чем работать»
I am very glad that we finally won. It was my debut game, so after a series of unsuccessful results, I was a little nervous, I guess it was obvious. Overall, I liked the game, we dominated possession throughout the match. Unfortunately, we were not able to score in the first half, but it was good that at the beginning of the second half we took our chances and were able to completely kill off the game. 

When did you know that you were playing? 

Just before the match, as with all the players. 

Has anything changed with Anatoly Tymoshchuk joining the coaching staff? 

It's only been a few days, it's too early to talk about any changes. 

Are you satisfied with your game? 

I do not think I can be happy with my game because I made several simple mistakes. There is still work to do. 

What's the atmosphere in the team like?

All of us are not young kids, we fully understand the situation and are trying our best to correct the situation. 

How much of the game was influenced by the fact that Spartak lost points? 

Of course we watch our rivals, but in the first place, we must take care of ourselves. We still have ten games and if we can win them all, then the standings will be different.  Everything is possible, that's football. 

Will the match against Spartak be the key moment this season? 

It will be a very important match for six points, but I repeat that every game for us is key. We cannot stumble anymore.