Lodygin and Baburin answer the fans questions live thanks to Gazprom

The two blue-white-sky blue goalkeepers held an online conference with the fans thanks to the club's general sponsor - Gazprom. Here are some of the highlights.
«Нойер — это, так сказать, конкурент. Пока еще не легенда»: Лодыгин и Бабурин ответили на вопросы болельщиков при поддержке ПАО «Газпром»
Yuri, a question for you. Should we wait for the continuation of the Tymoshchuk v Lodygin competition? 

Yuri Lodygin: Well, it's always got the potential to be there. After each workout we do a bit of shooting. I'm just sorry you guys are not there to see it, maybe you'll see it again. 

Egor Baburin: I think the Yuri is telling the truth, but in the same competition, I often win.

Sergei Makarenkov asks, Egor, Yuri, do you have an idol among other goalkeepers? Who do you think is the best? 

Egor Baburin: I really like how Courtois plays. This question is often asked to goalkeepers and the answers are often the same, Buffon, Neuer and Van der Sar, maybe Lodygin is there too. But there are many goalkeepers who play not as spectacular, but they have an interesting style, an interesting manner. For example, Yann Sommer I really like him, he's not like me, because of a size difference.

Yuri Lodygin: You need to grow hair. 

Egor Baburin: I really like his style, his manner of playing and he is a very good goalkeeper. 

Pavel Averyanov asks: If you're playing out on the pitch, what position do you play?

Egor Baburin: (To Lodygin) You play out on pitch at the training camp, there's some famous goals from you that have got a lot of views.

Yuriy Lodygin: When I was 14-15 years old I played at school, and I was playing as a central defender. I always liked to play as a striker too, that position I loved because it is very special, I enjoyed all the complexities that come with playing as a striker.

Egor Baburin: To be honest, I've never thought about it, maybe as a main striker? Just like Peter Crouch!

Georgi Ptitsyn asks: What kind of music do you listen to before a match?

Yuri Lodygin: Before a match I get on the bus, first I call my wife, we talk a little bit and then I listen to music, different stuff: Russian, foreign. But mostly, something cheerful.

Like in a Nike advert?

Yuri Lodygin: Yeah, like that!

Egor Baburin: I have a particular playlist called "Music before the game" At the moment I'm playing for Zenit-2 and we have music playing out loud on the bus and in the locker room, so there is no chance to hear our own stuff on our headphones. The first team doesn't do this so everyone gets to listen to what they want.

Then let's talk about hobbies. Svyatoslav Serebryany asks: "Yuri, once you had a photo session with a motorbike. Is this your hobby?

Yuri Lodygin: I like a bit of motorcycling, at the club we have a crazy guy who rides a motocross bike but I don't really like to ride, because it is so dangerous.  But when I was 16-17 I used to go to school on a moped.

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