Yohan Mollo: "If you give me the ball and food, I'll be happy!"

Zenit's French winger answered the fans questions about his thoughts on the game, his life in Russia and his early career. 
Йоан Молло: «Если дать мне мяч и еду, я буду счастлив!»

How did you get into football? Can you tell us about the Marseille Academy. (Artem Musin)

This is to the credit of my father, he instilled in me a love for the game, which at first I did not like. I started out as a central defender. My first steps in football were nothing special, I was like everyone else, I enjoyed the game, that was the most important thing at that time. As far as the Marseille academy, that place needs no introduction, it is one of the best schools of France, from which came many well-known players have emerged.

Yohan, how much time do you spend practicing your amazing technique? (Daniel Huzin)

All my skills are the fruit of my daily work. Talent is of no use if you do not train yourself, if you do not want to get better don’t train, I would not be the player I am without it.

What sports do you like besides football? (Alice Vladimirova)

Probably basketball and boxing. I know that Zenit have a basketball team, I hope soon to see watch them play live! 

What are your impressions of Russia? (Alexander Koloyartsev)

To be honest, it is difficult to single out just one thing. The main thing is that I'm really happy in Russia, in Samara and in St. Petersburg, I have not had any problems that could spoil my impressions of this country. I like the people here appreciate me as a football player, they are not trying to get into my personal life. And if you play well, you are respected. 

What is the most beautiful goal you have scored and for whom? (Irene Sitnova)

I like just two - one from a free kick and one from the middle of the park. Both were scored in France, with Rennes. 

Once you have created three goals against Zenit. Do your current team mates remind you about this? (Vasily Ivanov)

No. We are professionals, when we go out on the pitch we think only about how to help the team win. Then I played for the Krylia Sovietov and It was a really good match for me, we won an important victory. Now I am here and I will do everything to help Zenit win.

Where have you seen in St. Petersburg, in addition to the training base and the stadium? (Ivan Emelyanov)

I love to eat, this is my weakness! I want to visit all the restaurants that are in the city. We have already begun to do this with my family. In St. Petersburg, there are a lot of amazing food places. In general, I am a simple man. If you give me the ball and food, I'll be happy! 

If you had not become a footballer, what would you be? (Matvey Sidorov)

Good question. Many times I have asked myself this, but I still have not found an answer. I just cannot imagine myself out of football. So I'm a happy man - doing the thing I love. 

When the last time you ate a croissant? (Alexander Brius)

This morning! I can’t have a lot of them, you need to keep fit, but I can afford one. 

Saint-Etienne, Samara, St. Petersburg. Is your favorite letter S? (Daniel Sharipov)

Apparently, this is fate, ha ha! But if I had to choose the best of the three, the answer is obvious, St. Petersburg!

How are you fitting in with the team and who do you communicate with most in the team? (Ilya Domnitsky)

I’ve had no problems with adapting to the team and I do not need much time to get used to the team and to the city. At Zenit there are a number of players from different countries, but we all speak the same language - the language of football. I try to communicate with all the players, it is very important. At Zenit there is a good atmosphere, we get on well and chat a lot. 

Tell us about your family. What are your impressions of St. Petersburg and doyour loved ones like it? (Svetlana Shevchuk)

I couldn’t be without my family. Every day I say to my loved ones thanks for what they have in my life. Everything I do, everything I achieve, it's all because of them. Whatever happens in life, there are always people who will support you. This is your family. And most importantly, they are next to me. As for St. Petersburg is a beautiful city. Here we feel at home. 

Back in early December, you played against Spartak for Krylia and destroyed them. You will soon have to meet again with the red-and-whites. What are the expectations for the match? (Vyacheslav Rozov)

Zenit are a team with a winning spirit. We are able to win every game, regardless of the opponents. What can I say, it all very much depends on the game in Moscow. We all understand this perfectly. 

What is your favourite film and book? (Gleb Sorokin's)

I don’t have a favorite movie, rather I would say I like a genre and that’s action comedy. I do not like dramas. Book? I’m learning Russian - that's enough! 

You’ve played in a youth team with Antoine Griezmann. What can you say about him? (Mikhail Ponomarenko)

I’ll correct you a little bit, I once played against him, as he played for the team under my age group. Then he did not stand out that much among his peers. That's why I said earlier, you have to work on yourself, train with maximum dedication. Griezmann has put a lot of effort in and now he is one of the best players in the world. 

With the limit on foreign players, is it very tough for a place in the Zenit team? Did this affect your decision to join us? (Alexey Nikolaev)

To be honest, the limit is a big problem for me. As for the competition, without it, it is impossible to improve. 

What is the most important thing for you in life? (Timur Ibragimov)

I will not be original, it’s my family and football.