Artem Dzyuba: "I hope that both teams will play beautiful football and may the best man win"

The Zenit and Russia striker on the upcoming clash with Spartak Moscow
Артем Дзюба: «Надеюсь, что у обеих команд получится красивый футбол и победит сильнейший»
This game is central for us and for them. It is clear that Spartak want to win so to become even more confident. For us this is our last chance to try to catch up with them and dent their title chances. We need a positive result and some luck right now, we understand that we have one last chance for the title. We are feeling some nerves but are looking forward to this match and we want to play it now. We are looking forward to this fight. 

How do you personally feel about the game? 

For me it is a special game, but we'll see how it goes. The main thing is to go out there fully prepared. For me these games will always be special.

We have seen some controversy around Spartak and the refereeing decisions that have taken place. What do you think about this and do you have any concerns about the refereeing? 

Egorov has been appointed, and judging by what I've seen and read, that is a pretty good appointment. He has never been involved in such cases, so there should be no problems. They may complain about us, but that's OK, we have things to say about them just like they say about us. 

The general background of the story that Zenit complains and they so not, sounds a bit funny to me. All the media, almost all journalists support Spartak, so they want it that way. They try their best to put us off and upset us and that's fine. In the foreground should be the joy of football, the battle between the two capital cities, two very good teams. Hopefully, in the foreground will be quality football, a great atmosphere, a full stadium. This is the game everyone wants to play in, everyone wants to watch, so I hope that both teams will play some beautiful football and may the best man win. I hope it will be us. 

There have been times when you did not celebrate goals against Spartak what will happen tomorrow? 

No, not even if there is some kind of big emotion, I'll hide behind my shirt. I promised a lot of people that I would not celebrate. All sorts of situations happen, but I must keep my word and I will not celebrate. 

Is it frustrating for you that Spartak could become champions?
This is football. A lot of normal fans of Spartak are waiting for the title and it is okay, but there are a lot of people involved in Spartak Sekt, they act not like men, so the strongest should win

Frankly speaking, some of the refereeing hasn't been in Spartak's favour, plus we must pay tribute to Carrera, he has made a very good team. Plus they have got some good and high-quality players. Now Spartak are strong and if they win the championship, they deserve it but we will try to spoil the party for them.