Mircea Lucescu's post match briefing after the defeat to Spartak

Mircea Lucescu on the 2-1 defeat in Moscow
Мирча Луческу: «Нужно собраться и вести борьбу за место в Лиге чемпионов»
First of all, I would like to congratulate Carrera. He deserves first place. I told him this just now in the corridor. As for the game, Spartak looked better in the first half. We made many unforced errors, we felt the pressure. The game was very important and our technical players made some very stupid mistakes. The second half we played better, had the advantage and scored a goal, after that we had some good moments, Shatov shot for example. In the last minute we took a risk, put Djordjevic on and opened up, they had some good counter-attacks, in which they could have scored more. Overall I think Spartak deserved the win, Now it is necessary to gather our thoughts and do everything possible to fight for a place in the Champions League. Zenit cannot remain without it for a second year in a row. Today's game confirmed that Spartak are deservedly where they are.

Was Promes offside?

I do not want to comment on the refereeing. I have not yet looked at these moments. If we talk about penalties. There are experts who analyze these things and they can speak for themselves.

Have you changed your mind that Zenit had to beat Spartak?

I still can't say that Spartak are definitely better than Zenit, but since they responsibly approach each game, they deserved their first place. Over the past few years Spartak have played with just one team. We have had to lose a lot of players during this season and not everyone has adapted to our game yet. For example, Ivanovich who has not always been able to fulfil his potential, Danny has not yet reached his previous level. We lost Hulk, Witsel and Garay. Only our forward line has remained almost unchanged. There were problems in our interactions. But I'm not shifting responsibility,  responsibility for what happens to the team is on me. Perhaps I have not yet managed to create a team that can dominate the championship. It's not so easy to change the team's game quickly, it takes time.

Are you giving up the fight for the championship?

Based on the way Spartak looked today and in their recent games, only Spartak can give someone the championship.

What were you looking at on the phone while on the bench? The moment with Kombarova's hand?

Alexander Spiridon: Yes, I will answer for Mr lucescu, We watched that directly from the bench, it was clear that he raised his hand and stopped the ball.

Are you happy with Kokorin's game today?

I would not like to do any individual analysis now. There were moments when he should of done things differently and he lost the ball. In the moment in the first half, instead of taking the initiative on himself, he passed to Dzyuba. If we talk about his condition, he is one of the best players. But mentally, there are big problems, he makes so many mistakes. If he was more calm and collected with his chances then I think he would be as good as Promes.

Did the return of Shatov and Smolnikov help the team today?

It was clear that Smolnikov has missed a long period. There were good moments in his game, especially in his attacking play. He looked worse in his team defensive play though. I think if he was completely match fit, he would have done some things differently and not made it so tough and Dzyuba would have scored. Still he doesn't feel the rhythm of the game. He played well in attack, but it was hard for him to get back to the defence.

Shatov spent last week training very well, so I decided to give him a place in the second half. He looked good. We needed a player who would speed up the game. It's a pity that he does not take advantage of this gift.