The Zenit Academy has begun cooperation with Belgium’s consulting company double pass

On the 18th of April the blue-white-sky blue football school started to work with specialists from the famous Belgian company.
Академия «Зенита» начала сотрудничество с консалтинговой бельгийской компанией Double Pass

Double pass is a company from Brussels that evaluates and advises football clubs, leagues and federations in the development of young players.

Double pass’ other partners include the US Soccer Federation, the English Premier League, the German Bundesliga, the German Football Federation, the Japanese J.League and many other professional federations, leagues and clubs.  The company's experts have evaluated more than 500 clubs during the course of their work.

The Belgians (Henk Mariman – Koen Put – Frank Rits) will spend a week at the club and will interview coaches, staff and players at the Academy. They will also observe the training process at the Academy. The specialists will study the club’s youth team and Zenit-2 also.

"We have very extensive experience in benchmarking," said Henk Mariman, Head of Football Development at double pass. – “We carefully study each part of the training and the games of young players, we do a comparative analysis and on the basis of a scientific model we give the academies recommendations on optimising their work. Even before coming to St. Petersburg, we did preparatory work, we collected information and we watched videos. The purpose of our visit is to determine the strengths of the Gazprom Academy, to identify its potential and see what can be added to create an optimal learning environment. With this advice we want to optimise their player potential, so that talented players can make it to their first team and to professional leagues.”