Artur Yusupov: "We have no right to drop points, especially at the new stadium"

The Zenit Midfielder spoke about the first training session at the new Stadium St. Petersburg and the desire to play well there.
Артур Юсупов: «Не имеем права терять очки, тем более на новом стадионе»
What do you think about the pitch at the new stadium? Where you trained yesterday. 

In general, it's quite good to play on. Tomorrow we will try to play some good football on it. 

Are you excited by the stadium? 

Of course, it is a different stadium and it's huge. When you look at it, you can only feel excited. 

Can you compare it with other European stadiums you've been too? 

I do not know, I'll have to think.

How's the grass on the pitch? We are all interested in this issue. 

We are prepared incase the grass is not very good. But in fact you can play on it and it looks good. 

How do you feel that they'll be only 20,000 at the game tomorrow? 

Of course, it would be better if the stadium was full, but we understand the situation and will deal with it. There will be 20,000 at this game and more at the next as I understand it. 

How are you motivating yourself after the defeat to Spartak? 

A couple of days ago we were very upset. But now all our thoughts are about Ural. We dare only thinking that we must win this game. We don't have any other options. 

What are your thoughts on Ural? 

Our thoughts are not only on Ural and about this game. We know they can do a lot, but we have to deal with them and win every game. We cannot lose any points, especially at the new stadium. 

The title situation looks over, but the race for second place seems to still be on. 

Maybe yes. We are pressured by the fact that we need to catch up and only catch up. We will try and play in a more liberated way, I hope that this will help us to play good football and win.