Giuliano: "We just have to win and hope for second place"

The blue-white-sky blue Brazilian spoke about the upcoming match with Lokomotive and the hope that CSKA will misfire.

Жулиано: «Нам остается только побеждать и надеяться на второе место»

You've come out late of the office building of the base. What happened there? 

We were discussing the previous game against Krasnodar. We analyzed what we did well and what needed to be improved. We are already preparing for the next game. 

What are your thoughts on the Lokomotiv game?  

It is always a difficult match, they have good players, but we just have to win and hope for second place.

Is there a chance that Anzhi will take points from CSKA?

I think so, because they are now in a situation that they need points too. So CSKA have a difficult game waiting for them. 

In the last game you played in midfield with Mauricio was it good to play with your fellow countryman?

He is a great player and of course, it was very pleasant to play with him. We speak the same language, we are friends, and he is an excellent player. 

This weekend Ronaldinho will be in St. Petersburg, will you meet him? 

If there is a chance then yes. He's one of my idols. 

Once Danny returned to the team, people began to say that Giuliano has fallen into the shadows. Do you agree with that? How has your game been since then? 

Danny and I play a similar style of game, However, if you see the statistics, I have not slackened. I continue to help the team and give everything on the field. 

Zenit and CSKA Moscow will be playing at the same time on Sunday. In such a situation is it better to know or not to know what is happening in another game?

I think it's better not to know because it can affect our game. Now it is important to think about how to win our game This is our only chance to get into the Champions League. If CSKA lose, and we do not win, then it will not matter.