Branislav Ivanovich: "When everyone does what the coach asks, we win"

The Zenit defender on the win over Spartak.
From the stands it seemed that Zenit coped easily with Spartak. Did they give you any difficulties? 

We prepared for this game very seriously. We had some very good moments, Spartak could say the same but we controlled the game. Only in the second half for around 10 or 15 did the pace of our game lower, but for the rest of the game we had the advantage. 

How did the coach motivate you before the match? 

He said things that motivate big football player and reminded us that this is one of the most important matches of the season, we managed to show some very good football. 

Today during the game Mancini handed a note to Criscito. How often does this happen? 

We had several options for tectics out there on the pitch depending on the score, he told us how to alter ourselves. 

You played with Mammana for the first time. How do you interact together?
It's a lot to ask him to play straight away in such a big match. But he played well. I can say that as a team, we played perfectly today. 

In Russia, the referee is constantly criticised. How do you judge the refereeing in our country? 

I always repeat one thing: I will never comment on the referee. 

Before the match, there was very heavy hailstones. Have you ever seen this before? 

Yes, but the pitch withstood it, and I am very happy about it. it helped us to succeed. 

What's the difference between Mancini and Lucescu?" 

It's very hard to say. Every coach always has different ways.