Roberto Mancini: "I want to thank the fans for their support!"

The Zenit boss on the big win over Spartak, the atmosphere in the stadium and the players' performances. 
Роберто Манчини: «Хочу поблагодарить болельщиков за поддержку!»
Signor Mancini, congratulations on the win! What is the secret of such a confident victory? Nobody expected you to score five today, also you took a chance with Mamman, did he justify your choice? 

There is no secret, it was a difficult match against a tough team, we managed to get a win over a good team. Not all of our players came to this match in a perfect condition and we have a lot of work to do. Mamman trained almost all week, showed us his quality and so I did not think it was a risk putting him in the starting lineup. 

Everyone is surprised at how you've got Kokorin playing? He is the best player in the league at the moment. 

I have been asked a lot of questions about Kokorin, but I do not quite understand why, he just does what he has to do, score goals. He has great potential and he still can develop and develop. 

Will Santiago Ascacibar become a Zenit player?. Can you confirm or deny that this player is really of interest to you? 

Ascacibar is a young and good football player. There is no deal, let's see if it's possible in the future. 

In the middle of the match, you gave a note to Criscito, who then gave it Mammana what did it say? 

This was an indication to all our defenders, they were playing too slowly. I wanted to tell give them some instruction. 

The team was completely different from the Europa League game in midweek, why was this?

Yes, changes are needed when the schedule is tough. The team on Thursday was experimental, but we planned both teams to be as they were. 

What can you say about Daler Kuzyaev and his progress? 

Daler is a young guy who really works hard at everything in training, he gives 100%, but he still can improve and progress even more. Everything is ahead of him. 

How do you assess what happened at the end of the match where Terentev was involved? Has he closed his door to the first team with this? 

Denis Terentev had nothing to do with it. He simply responded to an attack from Adriano aimed at Smolnikov, I don't see any problem with what he did. 

How did you plan to open the opponent's defence so successfully?  

A match lasts 90 minutes, it is impossible to play in the same style all the time, you need to constantly change. First we played a defensive game, then we opened up a little, but I think we had a very good match against a tough team that won the championship last year. 

Why was Giuliano not included in the team today?

Because he played on Thursday, and we wanted to refresh the squad for today's match.

At the end of the day, I would like to thank all our fans for the support we had today and I hope that the situation with the roof will not happen again.