Branislav Ivanovic: "The return match will be very different"

The Zenit defender on the match with Utrecht in the UEFA Europa League.
Бранислав Иванович: «Ответный матч сложится совсем по-другому»
This was clearly not the result you wanted, but what can be learned from this game? 

It was a very difficult match for us. We knew that the game would be like this and we have given a lot of energy in recent weeks and today there just wasn't enough. The result I consider positive, we could have conceded more, then the home game would have been even harder. We will prepare for our next match in three days, and then again we play Utrecht. We will have recovered, have regained fitness and then everything will be different. 

They played their match on Friday, Zenit on Sunday. Did this difference of two days affect the result? 

We set out to control the game, but it did not work, we misplaced a few balls. Then lost some confidence. When you play every three days, you need to try to win automatically. We will try not to repeat mistakes in the next game. I think the second leg will be completely different. 

Did you expect such typical Dutch football from Utrecht? 

Yes. It was clear and we talked about this yesterday. The result is complex, but I'm sure we will play much better at home. Even if the score of today's game was 0-0, we would still need to score in St. Petersburg. 

What caused today's result? 

We needed to play faster, to move the ball from the flank to the flank. Then our attackers would have had the opportunity to play quickly and run behind their defenders. 

Is playing every three days hard? Will you be ready for the next game?

We will be. We have worked very hard at the training camps and we are ready. We just need to recover from this game. The head plays a very important role.