Sergei Fursenko: "There is nothing to despair of, we will please our fans!"

The blue-white-sky blue president on the result of the first match in Utrecht, meeting with Dick Advocaat and the club's upcoming transfers.
Сергей Фурсенко: «Нечего отчаиваться. Мы обязаны порадовать наших болельщиков!»
The result today was not the one we wanted, but can we take some positives from it? 

Football is football. I do not want to talk using cliches, but without defeats, there are no victories. We played very thoughtfully, but too slowly, showing some tiredness after playing just three days ago and this made it all very difficult, especially with such an unyielding, compact team. We must draw our conclusions and move forward. Here they had very strong home support, but we will have more, we will please our fans! I believe that there will be a full stadium so there is nothing to despair. Forward! It would have been better to score, but 1-0 is not such a bad scoreline. 

What did you talk about with Dick Advocaat? Did he offer any advice about the home team? 

There are corporate ethics, so he did not tell me anything. We chatted like good friends and drank coffee together. He is an amazing person and a true professional. Advocaat did a lot for Russia, our relationship has always been good and now it is only strengthened. 

How much of a difference is it that Zenit played their last game on Sunday and Utrecht played on Friday?

This is a huge difference because they had two extra days for recovery, this is a lot. The difference is big, but it's not only this, we still should have won in Utrecht. I repeat, we played too thoughtfully. Even our best players were not very quick today. 

Are any more transfers expected? 

They are expected.