Andrei Lunev: "The result is the most important thing"

The Zenit goalkeeper on the win in Perm and the upcoming game with Utrecht.
 Андрей Лунев: «Результат есть, и это самое главное»
Several times Amkar had chances. Were there problems at the back for you and did defensive errors decide the game? 

Football without mistakes is not football. Perhaps the chain of our mistakes led to their attacks. I think these are our team mistakes. 

In general was it a difficult match? 

I would not say that. It's hard to play when the whole team is defending and it's hard to open them, to find the chances to create danger. We scored and did not let one in, the result is the most important thing. 

Was it hard to play on an artificial pitch? 

For me, no. I've played on artificial pitches lots, so it was fine. 

Do you like it when you have a lot of work to do? In other matches, you do not often get to play that much in the game.

Well, it was fine, I enjoy football. (Laughs) 

After the match with Utrecht, Domenico Criscito said that the whole team should say thank you to you. Is today the same? 

I must say thank you to Igor Smolnikov when he saved us early on, today there were no special moments when I saved the team. 

Did the heavy rain influence the match? 

Not really, If it had been from the beginning, maybe.It was normal football weather. 

Utrecht are coming up, is this the most important match so far this season? 

Yes for us every match is the most important. We are getting ready. I think we should get passed them. We will try to do everything to achieve the desired result and to go to the group stages. 

Is playing every three days tiring?

It's hard for me. I've never come across this before, but I have to get used to it and work. Over time I'm adapting to it.