Alexander Kokorin: "For Zenit, a draw is like a defeat"

The Zenit forward discussed the away draw with Dynamo Moscow. 
Александр Кокорин: «Для „Зенита“ ничья как поражение»
Was the result of the match fair? 

I will not say that it is fair, because even though Dynamo had a few chances, I can only remember one chance when Panchenko really hit it well and it's hard to call that a really big chance. We've watched the video, there should have been a penalty and it's strange that the referee didn't react. We even discussed this at the break, I said to him "let's watch it together," he then watched the incident on the replay and said that, in his opinion, it was not a penalty. There were some good moments, and if we took our chances, then we would have won, they didn't come off, so we drew. 

What happened when you thought there should have been a penalty? 

I felt a blow from behind and went down, that's it. I'm 100% was sure that the ref saw this, but unfortunately it wasn't given. 

This is the second game in a row when Zenit haven't scored, what's happening?

We understand that these points may not be enough later on, we need to look at what happened, make the right conclusions and try to win the next match. 

You were scoring in almost every match until recently, how does this period without goals affect you?  

Our morale depends on wins. If we do not win, then everyone is unhappy and upset. We are looking forward to the next match. 

Rykov said that he got your shirt, did you take his?

No, he didn't give it to me. I had promised my shirt to the guys from Dynamo, so Rykov got it from me and from Artem too, but we didn't get theirs in return.