Roberto Mancini: "In the second half we played well"

The Zenit manager on the goalless draw in Moscow. 
Роберто Манчини: «Во втором тайме мы играли хорошо»
Zenit did not have a shot on target until the 60th minute. Why is that? 

I would say that in the second half we played well. The problem was in the first half of the game we played very slowly and could not find the space to create chances. 

Why do you love Argentinians so much? 

I like women more than Argentinians. I think that Argentinians have a fighting nature, they always play a well. I have experience working with them and when Zenith got the opportunity to buy them for the team, I took it. 

Dzyuba during his time on the pitch failed to convert 6 or 7 attacks. What's the problem with him?

Dzyuba did what he had to do. Yes, he makes mistakes from time to time, but I am expecting him to score some goals in the near future. 

What did you think of Rigoni's debut? 

I think he can play much better.