Alexander Yerokhin: "I think in front of their fans they will be more attacking"

The Zenit midfielder on the win against Rosenborg.
Александр Ерохин: «Думаю, при своих болельщиках „Русенборг“ сыграет в более атакующем стиле»
I really wanted to win today. It's good that it was quite a confident win with us having scored three goals. 

Are you upset that they managed to score late on? 

Of course I would like to keep a clean sheet, this is especially true for the goalkeeper and is always important, but unfortunately we missed their counter-attack, which should not have happened. 

It seemed that the early goal relaxed Zenit and you didn't give them many opportunities to create anything. 

I would not say that. Rosenborg are a good team that can play football and can create chances. 

Will it be difficult in Norway in two weeks?

I think in front of their fans they will be more attacking. But we now have difficult games in the league and we are thinking only about these games. 

If you look at this match, are Zenit ready for CSKA? 

We will have two days to recover, we will prepare.

What do you think, after defeat in the Champions League will CSKA come out fighting?

I cannot speak for CSKA, but I will definitely say that we will try to win the match. 

Rosenborg have not played with three defenders in a long time. Was this a surprise for you? 

We watched their matches and knew that they could play in a more defensive style, so we were ready for it.