Andrei Lunev: "I hit the post and bruised my muscle"

The Zenit goalkeeper on the draw in Moscow and picking up an injury.
Андрей Лунев: «Ударился о штангу и забил себе мышцу»
How are you feeling? 

Well, I've been better. I hit the post and bruised my muscle. 

During the first half, there were some dangerous moments in front of your goal. What was your most memorable save? 

There were, but none stand out. 

What did you say to Lodygin at half-time? 

I wished him good luck, he has already played a lot, so I didn't need to tell him what to do. He can give advice to anyone. 

Could you feel the tension on the pitch that spilt over on occasion? 

It was a very emotional game, for football and for the fans watching it was a good exhibition. 

Can you tell us when you'll be fit again? 

Let's see, tomorrow we'll know more or less.