Roberto Mancini: "The result is fair, but I have no satisfaction from it"

The Zenit boss on the goalless draw in Moscow with CSKA.
Роберто Манчини: «Результат справедлив, но удовлетворения от него нет»
How is Lunev? In the middle of the first half Kokorin and Poloz changed positions. What was the reason for this? And why did you abandon that in the second half? 

Lunev has bruised his muscles, he took a strong knock to the leg. Yes Kokorin and Poloz changed more than once during the match and it was due to tactical movements. 

What happened between you and Mario Fernandes. One of the pundits said that you got involved on purpose so Fernandes would get a yellow card, was it a provocation? 

I don't think it was anything special, there was a very rough foul from Fernandes, which I did not agree with and complained to the ref, I don't think I could react any differently, the foul was really too much.

How serious is Lunev's injury? 

For now, I cannot say. I do not think that it is serious. We'll see tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. 

Why was the team so poor the first half? Did you not expect so much pressure from CSKA? 

We played our last match on Thursday, so we've had less time to recover. We asked for today's match to be postponed to Monday, but we were unsuccessful, unlike Lokomotiv, who plays tomorrow. In the first half we were not so fresh, but in the second we were the ones that dominated. 

How do you evaluate the refereeing? 

This was not such an important factor in today's game. 

Are you satisfied with this result?

I cannot be pleased, nobody is happy as we did not win and I want only to win. But I liked the football we played in the second half when compared to the first. The result is fair, but I have no satisfaction from it.