Zenit v Tosno will be shown in 17 countries around the world

Zenit fans in Russia can watch the game on Match-TV while fans around the world also have the chance to watch the derby.
«Зенит» — «Тосно»: матч покажут в 17 странах мира
In addition, the game will be broadcast in the following countries: 

Austria - sportdigital, DAZN Europe 
Bosnia and Herzegovina - SportKlub 5 Serbia 
Croatia - Sportklub 5 Croatia 
Germany - DAZN Europe, sportdigital 
Liechtenstein - DAZN Europe 
Luxembourg - DAZN Europe 
Macedonia - SportKlub 5 Serbia 
Montenegro - SportKlub 5 Serbia 
Portugal - Sport TV1 
Serbia - SportKlub 5 Serbia 
Slovenia - Sportklub 2 Slovenia 
Switzerland - sportdigital, DAZN Europe 
Turkey - Tivibu Spor 1 
UAE - Abu Dhabi Sports 3 
Ukraine - Sport 1 

*Source - livesoccertv.com

The match will be held on Sunday, 19 November and will begin at 19:00 St. Petersburg time. Tickets remain on sale at tickets.fc-zenit.ru.