On 10 and 11 February the Dmitry Besov Cup will be held at the Gazprom Academy

Next week the 7th international Dmitry Besov Cup youth tournament will take place at the blue-white-sky blue's academy.
Our annual tournament will include four teams from Zenit's youth set-up taking on teams from Serbia's Crvena Zvezda. The teams will be for players born in 2005, 2004, 2003 and 2002. 

Teams of each age will play two games against other, the winner of the tournament will be the academy, which scored the most points across the eight games. 


Saturday 10 February 

10:00 Zenit U13 v Crvena Zvezda U13 
11:30 Zenit U14 v Crvena Zvezda U14 
12:45 Opening ceremony of the tournament 
13:20 Zenit U15 v Crvena Zvezda U15 
15:00 Zenit U16 v Crvena Zvezda U16 

Sunday 11 February

10:00 Zenit U13 - Crvena Zvezda U13 
11:30 Zenit U14 - Crvena Zvezda U14 
13:00 Zenit U15 - Crvena Zvezda U15
14:50 Zenit U16 - Crvena Zvezda U16 
16:20 Closing ceremony and awards 

The Dmitry Besov Cup will be the first international competition at the Gazprom Academy in 2018. In March we will hold the Cup of Friendship and in August the Yuri Morozov memorial tournament.